Off-road course kick starts new opportunities for young people in Fife

We have paired up with Kingdom Off-Road Motorcycle Club to offer a new experience for young people in Fife.

The Club stepped in to coach seven young people we work with by taking them through a six-week programme of training and practical activities in off-road motorbiking.

“We are always looking for new ways of engaging with the young people we support to take them out of their comfort zone and give them positive experiences,” said Includem’s Fife Team Manager, Amanda Smith.

Alongside improving confidence and opening up new social opportunities, the project had a serious side, to improve understanding around safety and the potential dangers of illegal off road biking.

“Illegal biking is an antisocial behaviour that is all too common. A key area for us was trying to instil in the group the life changing consequences such action could have on others and themselves, including a session with a victim of an accident,” said Amanda.

“These sessions allowed our young people to explore their own background and share with others their experiences. This all helped boost self confidence and the group had markedly changed their outlook and attitudes by the end of the six weeks.”

“The multiple and complex needs of the young people we support mean engagement is often a challenge. However, this programme demonstrated that with appropriate activities there can be a high level of interest. This off-road biking course also gave young people a level of responsibility that they likely won’t have had before, so giving them this opportunity has really boosted their confidence and self-belief.”

“We are looking at expanding the programme to include an employability aspect by running workshops on mechanics and repair. Even within the limits we worked to it has been a success with young people learning constructive behaviours and meeting and interacting with new friends in a positive environment. Many thanks to to the Club for their support in making this happen,” added Amanda.