Claire & Jodie swim Loch Lomond for the Young Person’s Fund!

Swimming in the freezing waters of a Scottish loch isn’t exactly everyone’s idea of fun, but that’s exactly what Claire and Jodie did – all to raise money for our Young Person’s Fund!

These two Glasgow Child Development Officers took on the Go Swim Loch Lomond challenge recently. They swam for an icy 1500 metres across the loch, raising a fantastic £750 in the process.

Jodie explained, “We got chatting in work one day and decided we both wanted to take on a fundraising challenge. We wanted to push ourselves whilst also raising money for a good cause.

“We work with children and have heard time and time again about the amazing and really crucial work Includem does in the local community. We often see for ourselves the struggles facing children and families in Glasgow, particularly poverty.

“Raising money for the Includem Young Person’s Fund seemed like the best way to give back, because every penny raised gets spent directly on young people.”

Claire said, “I had never been swimming in my entire life before this, not once. So, this was a huge personal challenge for me. But when I think of the challenges facing young people today in Scotland, then going for a swim in a loch seems completely insignificant by comparison.

“When I felt like giving up, I just thought of all the times those young people must feel like giving up too, and how Includem sticks by them no matter what. I kept telling myself, ‘don’t give up, stick with it.’ And I’m so glad I did, because now we have £750 to donate to the Young Person’s Fund!”

Well done, both of you! Thank you so much for your efforts and generosity.

You can show your support to Claire and Jodie by donating here.

You can read more about the Young Person’s Fund here.