We believe that all young children should have a voice. Behind every young person we work with there is a story, which they are best placed to tell. They might not have decided the beginning, or the middle, but they can re-write the ending.

Steven's story

Watch Steven’s story to see how with the help of Includem, he turned his life around.

Rachel's story

When anxiety issues were proving a real barrier to 16-year old Rachel achieving her life goals, Includem was asked to step in and help.

Now, thanks to a programme of intensive support, the Lanarkshire teenager is now about to start a college course in her new found passion, photography. The photography project Includem ran in partnership with local photographer Carlo Paloni, was just one of the ways Includem helped Rachel build her self-confidence.

Rachel was referred to Includem through her school support teacher who felt that our approach could help her break out of the negative lifestyle cycle she was going through.

“Before Includem I didn’t really have any friends, I never really went out,” said Rachel. “Includem got me out the house, got me actually doing things. They really helped with my confidence. Knowing someone was coming to get me made me make the effort to get out.”