Caitlin’s story: “Nobody clicked on to it. Nobody offered me help.”

Caitlin was just 12 when she experienced a traumatic bereavement. Within a few years she was drinking heavily and regularly coming into conflict with the law, yet the support she so badly needed was not made available to her.

Caitlin’s story is not uncommon. In fact, numerous studies have shown the link between young people experiencing a bereavement and going on to offend.

Here she tells her story.

I Do Not Speak, a poem by Wiktoria

Here we go… My name is Wiktoria, I’m 16 years old and currently still in school.

I wrote a poem called ‘I Do Not Speak’ earlier on this year which explores different aspects of my personal journey through various mental health issues which are often discussed yet rarely understood. Therefore, it was very important to me to share my own story including both sides of my battle with mental illness, as well as the process of my recovery.

River City tour helps point Glasgow young people on the right path

A tour around the BBC River City studios proved inspirational for a group of young people we are working with in Glasgow.

Twelve young people from all over the city ended up in the studio after a chance comment from one fan led to a free guided tour around the soap’s Dumbarton set.

“We are always looking for ways to get to know what the young people we support like, and what they are likely to engage with as a way of helping them get through whatever their particular challenges are. So, when the chance of the tour came up everyone jumped at it,” said our West Services Manager, Heather Hunter.

Rachel in the picture for college place thanks to Includem experience

When anxiety issues were proving a real barrier to 16-year old Rachel achieving her life goals, Includem was asked to step in and help.

Now, thanks to a programme of intensive support, the Lanarkshire teenager is now about to start a college course in her new found passion, photography. The photography project Includem ran in partnership with local photographer Carlo Paloni, was just one of the ways Includem helped Rachel build her self-confidence.

Rachel was referred to Includem through her school support teacher who felt that our approach could help her break out of the negative lifestyle cycle she was going through.

“Before Includem, I didn’t really have any friends, I never really went out,” said Rachel.