Caitlin’s story: “Nobody clicked on to it. Nobody offered me help.”

Caitlin was just 12 when she experienced a traumatic bereavement. Within a few years she was drinking heavily and regularly coming into conflict with the law, yet the support she so badly needed was not made available to her.

Caitlin’s story is not uncommon. In fact, numerous studies have shown the link between young people experiencing a bereavement and going on to offend.

Here she tells her story.

#WeLove - How Includem has engaged and supported young people during the pandemic

It won’t be of any surprise to Staf members to read that the Covid-19 pandemic precipitated almost wholesale change in how we operate at Includem. This has been the case for almost everyone, third sector and beyond.

As an organisation delivering face-to-face support to children, young people and families across Scotland, lockdown presented huge logistical challenges for us. Yet, for every challenge presented, creativity and innovation abounded.

Includem urges the Scottish Government to do more to address child poverty now

Includem welcomes the announcement by Scottish Government that the Scottish Child Payment will be rolled out in February of next year. However, with nearly 1 in 4 children in poverty before the pandemic and more families falling into poverty since, we strongly believe February is too far away for many children.

We know that those who were already in poverty are disproportionately disadvantaged by the measures put in place to manage the spread of Covid-19. They will take even longer to recover, if at all.

Sentencing young people: Includem responds to Scottish Sentencing Council

Includem has today submitted a response to the Scottish Sentencing Council’s consultation on guidelines for sentencing young people.

Putting the third sector at the heart of Scotland's economic recovery

Includem welcomes the opportunity to submit a response to the Scottish Advisory Group on Economic Recovery. You can read our full submission here.

Our Chief Executive, Martin Dorchester, summarises his thoughts:

Martin Dorchester

Includem believes the third sector has more “than an important role” to society and the economy. It is, we believe, pivotal to making the change required to bring about a more robust and inclusive economy that works for everyone.

Taking an economic perspective, the sector has a turnover in excess of £6 billion, expenditure that almost matches that at £5.7 billion and employs over 100,000 people (paid) in Scotland. But more than that, and as we have seen during this pandemic, it significantly contributes to the wellbeing of society, to the development of community and for the good of all.