River City tour helps point Glasgow young people on the right path

A tour around the BBC River City studios proved inspirational for a group of young people we are working with in Glasgow.

Twelve young people from all over the city ended up in the studio after a chance comment from one fan led to a free guided tour around the soap’s Dumbarton set.

“We are always looking for ways to get to know what the young people we support like, and what they are likely to engage with as a way of helping them get through whatever their particular challenges are. So, when the chance of the tour came up everyone jumped at it,” said our West Services Manager, Heather Hunter.

We've joined the Living Wage community

We’re proud to announce that Includem has recently achieved Living Wage accreditation, joining a growing list of more than 5000 companies and organisations across the UK.

Parenting group sweeps in to help Kevin

Something as simple as some tips around his household cleaning schedule has proved a valuable tool in keeping Kevin’s family life in order.

Kevin, from Motherwell, joined one of Includem’s Parenting Groups to get some extra peer support around managing his current challenging family situation.

We need better alternatives to jail for young women

We’re joining the growing number of voices calling for more alternatives to incarceration for our young women and men.

The issue was raised recently by Karyn McCluskey, head of Community Justice Scotland, who said most young women offenders would be better off being cared for outside prison, but there were not enough options for keeping them out of jail.

We are one of very few organisations working with young offenders and our model is tried and tested in reversing harmful behaviours. But there are still too many young people ending up in secure units and young offenders institutions.

Our Chief Executive, Martin Dorchester was speaking at the 2019 National Youth Justice Conference at the University of Stirling.

Love Inc Project needs you!

Do you have personal experience of living in care; either residential, foster, kinship, looked after at home or in another setting?

Are you over 18?

Would you like to work alongside others with personal experience of living in care?

Could you help these young people think and talk about who and what has made them feel loved in different care settings, as well as talk about your own experiences too?

If the answer is yes, then we want to hear from you!